Want to be in a sizzling hot relationship with yourself? 

I’ll show you how…

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I provide women with personalised one-on-one coaching to help end the story of “not having what it takes”.

Do you want to be a CONFIDENT & CAREFREE Zensual woman?


Do you...


  • Crave a life where you feel worthy of your dreams?


  • Secretly hope to walk on the beach in your bikini and feel as gorgeous and goddess-like as Beyonce?

  •  Want to be in a loving-trusting-sizzling romantic relationship?  


  • Dream of entering a house party and feeling like a Victoria’s Secret's angel on her catwalk and own that feeling without having to fake it?

  • Long to let go of control and take things more light-heartedly?


  • Want to be a Zensual Woman?


Who is a Zensual Woman?


A Zensual Woman is relaxed, peaceful and fully owns her sensuality and sexuality. 


She doesn’t need to pamper herself extensively for 2 hours to look and feel amazing, she embraces herself fully as she is. Why? She’s realised that it’s not about the clothes she’s wearing and it’s not even about the red irresistible lipstick.  She’s realised that it’s her divine femininity and inner magnetism that makes her attractive. 


A Zensual woman is beautifully attuned to her body, feelings and sexuality. Her energy is so magnetic, that she can’t help but attract her ideal life. My mission is to help more women become Zensual.


My work with you is not just about looking good on the outside, but it’s about feeling good on the inside. The truth is, when we feel beautiful, our entire world changes.


When you feel good on the inside, you start attracting the right (romantic) relationships and inviting in more abundance into your life.  Feeling beautiful will even impact your (secret) dream to start your own business or take things to the next level.


True confidence comes from owning your power.  This is what I’m here for, to help you own your power and start living from a place of infinite potential.




I believe people enter our lives for a reason and this is certainly the case where Ly is concerned. Just as I signed up to be coached by Ly, I was navigating some challenges which needed to be overcome.


Over the course of 12 weeks, Ly became my cheerleader and set up helping me navigating the said challenges.


She never once yelled at me or forced positive mindset down my throat! Our sessions led to breakthroughs which helped me to take action. That's how profound and transformative Ly's coaching was for me.


Now at the end of the coaching, her wisdom, lessons and insights continue to resonate. She lives and speaks her truth. Ly is brave, strong, highly-intelligent and immensely kind. She is one of the most authentic human beings I've ever met and consider it a privilege to have been coached by her. Thank you, Ly. 

Anushka G, Australia

Working with Ly has changed my life! Before working with her I felt unfulfilled and restless. For years I have been searching for my passion and no book that I read or chat that I had with friends could give me the answers I was seeking for. I felt hopeless and finally gave in to that urge to hire a coach to help me. That was the best decision I ever made!

The coaching sessions with Ly were eyeopening and helped me to dig deep and to declutter my mind. Ly is such an openminded woman and I knew I could trust her from the very first second. She gave me such a great feeling of acceptance which made me speak to her so openly as I have never done before with anybody else.

Within a couple of sessions, Ly helped me to find my passion for painting but it didn't stop there. She knew exactly how to gently push me beyond my comfort zone over and over again so that not only I got more confident about my artworks but I even started a business around it during my coaching with Ly.
I am forever grateful and I sometimes still can't believe how different my life was just a couple of weeks ago.

Stefanie Schönhals, artist, Germany

"My session with Ly was very transformative. Her presence alone is tremendously healing and the process unravelled some deep layers of past emotions and beliefs. I would recommend Ly - her intuitive approach and compassionate nature make for an amazing healer and guide."

Melanie Phillips (from Canada)

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Energy Healer

“Ly is an amazing coach and has a lot of experience. She is very gentle and intuitive and she just seems to know the right way to take you through the process. She made me feel very comfortable and I felt safe exposing deep issues to her - Ly also held me to a high standard with myself. She is a beautiful person and I believe that it would be a true blessing for anyone to have processes with her. If you are ready to overcome challenges in your life I believe Ly would be an amazing facilitator in guiding you into stepping into your true, free, abundant self.”

Dani Thurgood (from South-Africa)

Director at Triple Red Pty Ltd

"Working with Ly was gentle yet profound. Her ability to take me through the process and create such a wonderful result of releasing pain and emotional tension was fabulous. I can recommend her highly and I look forward to working with her again."

Ani Malinova (from Australia)

Artist, speaker, Kinesiologist
Director at True Voice Global


For the past 6 years, I've been curious about what makes certain women feel so confident about themselves (without faking it), while others feel insecure and often powerless. From years of in-depth personal work, countless seminars, retreats, and coaching and listening to over a hundred women share their personal struggles with me, I've realised that every woman on the planet has the ability to feel; powerful, confident, feminine by simply letting go of unhealthy patterns and beliefs that often stem from childhood.

Become a Zensual Woman


Want to feel like a divinely feminine and confident

Zensual woman?

Sign up now for your personalised

Gain Your Feminine Confidence package

Gain Your Feminine Confidence package
will help you to:



  • Uncover the blocks which are getting in the way of you not feeling like a true goddess and the root of your insecurities 

  • Clear those blocks for good and stand tall in your full feminine power

  • Let go of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your life to the fullest

  • Tap into your true potential and feminine power

  • Create a future vision for yourself, so that you can start receiving anything your heart desires

What’s going to happen during our sessions together?


Imagine a guided meditation or a journey inside your body, where you’ll be guided to find the blocks and limitations that have been holding you back and clear them out for good. You don’t have to prepare for it, you just sit back and relax. I've found it to be the fastest and most powerful way to tap back into your feminine power.


Book now to start your self-love affair and say YES to confidence


Hi dear one, I'm Ly

You can call me a coach, mentor or your go-to girlfriend.

I'm a journalist by education, online marketer by profession, a traveller soul, casual writer, an accredited Journey Practitioner and on a BIG mission to empower more women to feel more confident in their own skin, just like the true Zensual Goddesses they are.


I’ll show you the real cause of what’s been holding you back from feeling like a real femme fatale.


Here's a spoiler alert: it's not because you don't have what it takes, there’s something holding you back. I’m insanely committed to helping you clear blocks that are stopping you feeling like a superwoman.


I know how you feel (trust me when I say I have walked a mile in your shoes).

For most of my life, I didn't feel amazing nor beautiful. Far from it! I was always comparing myself with others and looking for love outside of myself.


In my relationships, I was often either emotionally obsessed or completely detached and I was always left feeling powerless suppressing my real emotions and my truth.


Until I decided to truly appreciate myself for who I was and took the steps to develop an effective relationship with MYSELF!


These days, my mission is to share everything I have learned and experienced with women from around the world who are ready to claim their power back.


I truly believe that if you focus on your strengths and have a better relationship with yourself, everything will change. Truly confident women have the power to change the whole world!

Anie Gombos Photography



“My session with Ly was incredible and it really shifted something deep inside of me. I was dealing with a lot of difficulties in my life at the time and felt really stuck. I knew all the answers on the mind level, yet it didn’t help me move forward. However, a session with Ly made me go deep inside my subconscious beliefs, observe my own patterns and see many things in a completely new light.

Ly is a truly gifted woman and I have never felt so seen and understood in anyone else’s presence as I felt with her. She is truly comforting, makes you feel safe and open up, which is absolutely vital in order to transform and let go of what’s no longer serving you. I can’t find the right words to express how strongly I would recommend taking a process with Ly! If you feel stuck and cannot seem to break out of your behavioural and thought patterns, or are in need of any transformation, then definitely book a session with the amazing Ly.”


Osha Key

Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach, from Lithuania

Read what women like you say about working with me:​

“I started coaching sessions with Ly during the messiest period of my life where I felt that I have totally lost myself in both personal and professional life. She just helped to get myself together, to find out what matters, and how to get there. She was always there if I needed her, and not just comforting words but practical tips. I felt quite often that she knows me better than myself if we were digging where the core of my mess lies. And, gosh, still makes me wonder how she knows about everything from time managing, healthy lifestyle to love!

I have always loved making big plans and checklists but most of the time got overwhelmed and not persistent enough just giving up. With Ly it was totally different, I never felt overwhelmed with the tasks, but we incorporated useful habits in daily life by baby steps. After the coaching sessions, I felt always 
the fresh energy of a wonder woman and inspiration and capability to live balanced and happy life.”


Triin Tigane

Business consultant, Emerhub Bali branch manager, from Estonia




“I was struggling with not having work-life balance. I wasn't unhappy, but I definitely struggled to have fun and didn't feel like I was being the best version of myself. When I reached out to Ly, she helped me to uncover some "hidden" truths and emotions about myself relating to my relationships with my family. Who knew?! Working with Ly was like therapy for me and she helped me to detach from hard expectations I had on myself. She made me realise that I was stopping myself from reaching my potential. The sessions with Ly helped me change my outlook and habits for the better. It had such a profound impact on me. I will remember this for a long time and use the "new truths" for myself to live a happier life." 


Lorelie Abad

Marketing Manager, from the Philippines

“When I started to see Ly I was in a pretty dark place. I was constantly feeling that I wasn’t up to the demands of my job, that I was a fraud at work and generally overall I was feeling constantly anxious and worthless. At our first meeting I was quite emotional but Ly instantly made me feel at ease and made it safe to be open with her about why I was feeling so sad and overwhelmed. Over the next few months she worked with me to look into myself and for me to challenge why I was so hard on myself. She also taught me different techniques that helped to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. Many of these techniques I’ve incorporated into my day to day and I have called on them since then whenever I start to revert back to my old, unhelpful ways of thinking. Ly taught me that it’s a continual journey that requires effort on my part to look after myself. That I’m worthwhile of such investment and taking the time to look after myself – not in a selfish way - but so I can be a better person, wife and mother." 


Anne Walker


“Ly is an excellent coach. We have had 2 processes (and many more to come), I found her so peaceful, wise, calming and full of good energy. Most importantly, she left me enough time to see and feel everything that came up, but at the same time she sensed when I needed help during the sessions. Ly is such a beautiful person, I would definitely recommend her to anyone!”



Piret Veeroja (from Estonia)

PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne

“It helped me to let go of the feelings that were keeping me in the past, to accept, forgive, and to find my inner peace. I would recommend it to everybody, in any situation, because it`s simple and very pure. I find Ly`s way of guiding a very natural and easy-going one. She gave me space to experience it in my own way and care so I would take easily the new information that was coming to me. ”


Elena Rudoi (from Moldova)

Personal and Systemic Coach

"My session with Ly changed my entire outlook on coaching and really gave me the positive 're-set' that I needed. I worked with her at a time in my life when I was making a career transition and struggled with personal identity, confidence, and moving forward in my new role. I suffered from the paralysis of needing everything to be perfect and having complete control of situations. She helped to give me the gentle but swift nudge I needed to move forward with confidence and face my fears. She encouraged me to find community and push the boundaries of my comfort zone, in networking for my new business and in social situations. Her guidance in exercises to become more mindful of my thoughts and recognize my talents has translated to so many areas of my life. She has a calming energy, a supportive demeanor, and takes what you are telling her and comes up with actionable goals to work on. She is overflowing with powerful feminine energy that is infectious and naturally guides her clients to unlock their potential and lead a life in line with their true selves. I would highly recommend a session with Ly to anyone who wants to move past that feeling of stress and paralysis, and feel more confident."



Jessica Phillips, M.D. (Austin, Texas)

Creator of the Blended Element

"I have been working with Ly for a period of 3 months, and I wish I could do it all over again! Through guided visualizations, Ly provided me with courage to dig deep inside of myself; to get to know hidden places in my body and open my eyes to a new reality. We all have the power to change, but sometimes we simply need women like Ly to support and believe in us. She brings out the potential in every woman.
Ly is a wonderful, feminine character with a big heart, and I can easily say that she’s much more than just a coach for me. Thank you for being in my circle of love and light."



Regitse Cecillie Rosenvinge (Denmark)

Founder of www.thecopenhagentraveler.com 

Sessions with Ly brought me so much more than just confidence in opening up, it has started a journey in reintroducing myself to me and letting that real me swim out to the surface. Not the so-called “best version” but the only and genuine Me.


We started digging into and disrupting my old belief system that is tightly entangled with all the emotional triggers lying in my head that are the result of some past experiences.


The most enlightening part of our sessions wasn’t the Aha moment, rather the Aha process. The mind-shift was the idea that letting go isn’t giving up. Ly helped me realize that my controlling attitude was sabotaging my experiences on a large scale and bit by bit, I came to a real-life proof that I don’t need to over-engineer my future, nor put my finger in all of the things to make it happen.


The Intentions are slowly taking over the place of Expectations. Obsessing myself over the (unreal) concept of losing time is replaced by reminding to be in the Now – and not in some airy-fairy way, but pragmatically focusing on what baby steps can be done at this moment that is steering me to my intentions.


I am much more grounded, content, grateful and respectful to myself. I see our sessions, as Ly being my guide in this roller-coaster ride of a being young adult. Nothing to fix, nothing to patch but just discovering my own toolset to live fully.



Antonia Svetina (Berlin)

When I started working with Ly I felt stuck – I didn’t even realize how much I wanted and needed to move until I had my first session with her. When I talk to Ly I feel like I’m in a calm and beautiful space, a space of empowerment, self-love and growth.


Ly not only helped me challenge my belief-system and slowly replace it with a new one but also guided me to find my inner peace with past events. During the sessions Ly made sure that I connect with my heart instead of my brain, that I give room to my intuition and discover my own truth; she is always there to guide me but gives me time to see and experience the moment myself. I believe that this is exactly how a coach should work and I’m extremely happy to have found such an amazing and inspiring coach in Ly.




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