Hi, I’m Ly! (pronounced ‘Lee’ for those unfamiliar with my Estonian roots)


My goal is to empower women to step into their strength and connect with their sensual selves, without feeling like they are faking it, or like an imposter in their own bodies.


Let me start off by stating that I do not claim to be anyone’s guru, saint, or to be perfect by any means. I do not have everything figured out. This site and my coaching are about real people and real journeys.


My own journey to this place of coaching women almost seemed to choose me versus the other way around. As a teen I determined that I wanted to be a journalist and pursued my Masters in Journalism due to my love for writing.


After completing my degree, life swung me in the direction of online marketing for a company in the personal growth and transformation field. I was blessed to travel the world and have jobs in many different areas, but somehow I always felt a sense of emptiness.


It took overcoming my own personal battle and struggles with emptiness, confidence and embracing feminine energy and qualities to realize that any woman could transform her life and start to feel much more confident and in tune with her body and mind.


In the past several years, I have worked with women from all around the world, transformed my own life, become a certified Journey practitioner, and seen so many positive changes that I would love to share with you.


Let’s work together to help you feel confident, fulfilled in your work, satisfied in your relationships, and overall feeling like an absolute Goddess.


As you make a conscious effort to acknowledge yourself and your needs, you will feel the positive impact in your life. I encourage you to embrace the more inspired, sexy, confident, and fearless woman that has been hiding there all along.


Anie Gombos Photography

Fun (or just random?) facts about me

  • In my free time, I write rap lyrics and silly poems that I sometimes also dedicate to my friends for their birthday

  • When I was 3 years old my parents asked me “what did I want to become when I grew up?” I said "a tractor driver". At the age of 6, I had upgraded my answer to a "CEO"  ("a writer" was always on the list too)

  • I have mild OCD, I can never fall asleep when my wardrobe door is open.

  • Most of my adult life I have lived location independent lifestyle, my longest office job lasted for 9 months.

  • I have finished running a marathon and a cross-country skiing marathon of 63 km

Anie Gombos Photography

Coaches are individuals who work with clients to provide guidance, support, offer tools to help the client make decisions or gain clarity, or work to meet personal goals.


Coaching is not psychotherapy, hypnosis, or a medical treatment. My goal is to help uncover what is preventing you from moving forward productively in your life, gain clarity in that area through guidance and self-reflection, receive encouragement or accountability, and learn techniques to let go of negative thought patterns. Ultimately, you are in charge of changing the behaviors and actions that will enable you to lead a more authentic life, in line with your true self.


The coaching that I do is not limited to one specific issue. I am happy to work with women to uncover whatever area is blocking them from leading fulfilling and balanced lives.



Areas I could help you with


  • Finding confidence and self-love without having to fake it

  • Intimate relationships 

  • Finding your purpose and passion in life

  • How to run business like a boss without having to burn yourself out and still get the results

  • Letting go of the feeling of being like a fraud

  • Overcoming fears and limitations


Are you tired of:


  • Waiting for that magical moment when you have more strength and confidence to make BIG things happen in your life

  • Wanting change so badly but not knowing how to get there

  • Feeling that perhaps you don't have what it takes after all

  • Seeing other people making their dreams happen while you're feeling stuck and not moving forward as quickly as you'd like

  • Lacking the clarity of what do you exactly want in your life

  • Trying your best to keep it together but underneath feeling lonely and unseen 


Are you ready to:


  • Let go of some of your past painful life experiences that are holding you back

  • Have more self-love and faith in your own talents and abilities

  • Take full responsibility for your life and let your true potential shine

  • Bring more fun, pleasure and light-heartedness into your life

  • Meet the strong powerful feminine woman that you might have lost on your way


I have helped women from all around the world, of varying ages, and walks of life including:


successful business owners, singers, scientists, yoga teachers, photographers, analysts, accountants, software developers, nutritionists, midwives, coaches, consultants, journalists, and bloggers


who have struggled with:


loneliness and heartbreak, loss of direction and passion in life,

juggling career and family life, career burnout and seeking more balance and relaxation, intimacy issues in relationships, singles seeking a relationship, and many successful business women trying to reduce their stress and anxiety and get more in touch with their feminine side.


How coaching works and how I can help you

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