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A Tale of Womanhood [Happy International Women's Day]

Being a woman is no joke. We are tough.

We bleed every month and still survive and you are proudly telling us about that one time you were a blood donor!

Photo: Anie Gombos Photography

We prove that it’s possible to fit a square peg into a round hole or at least push out a baby size of a football.

We often walk kilometers on sticks, just because it makes our legs look little longer.

We bravely wear a tight band around our chest on a daily basis so that you don't have to get your blood moving to all the wrong places when the air conditioner has been turned on.

We have one week each month to enjoy ourselves, because one week belongs to PMS, one week for bleeding, one week is for recovery and then there it is... ovulation time when we are very happy to have some snuggle time with you (but bear in mind, you might not be the only one).

Some of us run multimillion dollar businesses, for some of us multimillion-dollar business is our family. We know exactly how to manage our employees and the family members, especially the latter. That’s what we are really good at.

We might cry over Leonardo DiCaprio’s death in Titanic but don’t be fooled, if you screw us over, we turn into a Carrie and chop off your…hat (yes, hat).

We often spend hours trying to figure out why are we feeling the way we are feeling but if you need us to close a business deal while we are uploading our latest insta pic of our nicely shaped butt and feed a newborn baby at the same time, it will take us a heartbeat.

Don’t spend too many hours and bottles of wine trying to understand what do we really want because we usually change it in a blink of an eye. Not because we want to confuse you, it’s because we are developing at such high speed that it’s hard for you to keep up with us.

Being a woman is the best thing that ever happened to me and like stand-up comedian Ali Wong said, we had it so good before feminists screwed it up! We could just pretend to be dumb and do nothing and now we need to work and run businesses, damn!

Happy International Women’s Day to all the gorgeous women out there and to our sweet men, remember you are all literally coming FROM us.

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